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We have been doing this for over 20 years, taking complex insurance coverages and analyzing your needs to accurately present and define you to the insurance markets. We focus on workers compensation insurance, health insurance, product and professional liability insurance.


DJI has over 20 years experience in providing Product Liability InsuranceConsumers expect companies involvement at just about every stage of the lifecycle of a product to be responsible for its safety. However common or complex the product, liability protection is critical for the manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and importers involved throughout the chain of commerce. 

Professional liability insurance 
• Negligence arising out of professional services including personal injury
• Professional services defined to meet each insured
• Aggregate deductible
• Newly acquired/created entity coverage
• Broadened definition of insured to include independent contractors and spouse/domestic partner
• Supplementary payments – outside the limits/not subject to the deductible

Databreach Insurance - data privacy and security arising out of a breach of the insured’s systems. Liability for data compromise.